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p sentencingghas been scheduled for march 20th. peaving ourt tooay.... that & thee also ood me... they pplan to appeal. joy lepola fox 44 news aat . pplice havv ideenified the - teenager who was stabbed to -3&pdeath as crowds were leaving the ravenssparade downtown. 3& 15-yyar-old deootae smiihhwas howwrd and fayette street neer
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-3 a mcconalds restaurant..tww other teens were injured. police say security camera -&pvideo has given thee good -33 leeas ii the search for thh killerrbut o far no arrest. & p3 p3 some people... woke up.... p black and bluu../. a... day... afterr downtoww, causing crowd 3& and ecurrty.paul gessler talked to fans whh caught ome of it on cameea.paul-- the 200 thousaad peeple plice say ccme downtown for the the equivaaent offa raaens -3 orioles seelout...and the preakness... all combined.have that many people innone pllce... and - pplice deaat with fans & breaking barriirs allng thee parade route......filing in tte street behind ray ewis-- once toothe stadium,,some fans were leff locked outt... because m&t baak was at postee youtube videos of people scaling fences... ann gettiig maced by
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police..therr forced their way 3 melinnakorine mclean, & bltimore: 6.222 they need to put orr details like you eed 33 ww're not going toolet more ppeople in, and maybe make suue those gates are mooeestroogly reinforced .. 3 ravens runninn ackkray rice 33 some fans messaged ii on facebook.they told him ids were ttampled by adults in the stadium to ettbetter seatsshe said thosseppopll hould bee pashamed...""and added "it's fox45 news at ten. you cannwatch alllthe super bowl paraae and tte event attm and t bank stadium on our weesite fox baltimorr dot com.just click on thee & charm city champions banner. there.. you'll alsoofind all pur video from the postgame ccleeration... incllding &pplayee innerviews... and more 3 3 as... the -3 ravens... say... goodbyee.. to -áoneá ...ray lewis.../ nnther... is taking... -3 his nexttstep... to playing in
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theenfl..- nfl.check oot... this ppcture of rayylewis and hissson.../ 3 right aftee signing hiss national letter oo intent to play college football at.... wheer elle???he university of & piaai...////.you can see the two lewis' joiiing hands to make hee"u""ssmbol....// foott 9... and weighs 175 pounds...//.he ruuhee for &palmoss 10- housand yards... 3 touccdowns....over his fouu years... at... lake ary prep in florida..- 33 a disturbiin discovery n &pcounty. karen parks is streamingglive ouuside north &pccuntyyhigh school where ssspicious visitor llddto a pollce iiveetigation. investigation. p,
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3a second-grade student from &pthreatening classmates with a loadeddhandgun. handgunnhenrico countt police -3 say the 7-yeer-old took thh &gun outtof his backkack monday morninn... whill riding onnthe school bus.he allegedly -3& pointed it at ther - studenns... while makkng threats.the child deniedd - saying anythiig ttrratening. tte boy's granddather told an belongs o himmhe also saad that his ggandson has beenn -3 suspended rom school.
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3 there's a huge crowddin - pnnapolisshissafternoon...and most...haae ggtheredtt oppose governor o'malley's firrarm safett billl biil.jjhn rydell haa more from 3 battle ver ggn contrrl... control....-&& (rydell) "the pubbic hearing 3 began at 1pm and it's sttll going on at this hour and it &pall started with a huge rally filled llwwers mall and welll beyond.moot... are ggn owners...uppee with bill thee feaa...would -3 restrict...thhii rights to oonn -3 weepons..rouke) "i'm not parr of the nra, i'm not parr of any grouu,,i'm a stay at homee dad and i'm here cause they're not going to take y rightt away."protesters oopose &governor o'malley's bill to & ban the sale.. off military-style aasault wwapons. it would alsoobaa...high than ten rounds.andd.. it wouud reqqirr neewhhndguu ownersto obbtin license...and complete a -3 safety course. (alfood) "and we kkow thht law abiding -& citizens are the only affected by this bill bbcause crrminaas don't follow laws."but
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appearing before a senate pommittee... the goveennr calls his bill...a commmn &pgun violence.hh recalls he tragic hhottng f 22 yyung students...aad six a school in (governor) ""one of us havinn &pemppthy in our hearr and nott ask ourselves is there not something that we could and we should be doing."(rydell) "and members of that ssnaae commmttee ssy this hearing may not wrapp p until 9 this evennng. at the state house, &john rydell, fox45 news at five." how are the roads looking tonnght? tonight? 3 brandiiproctorrhas our traffic eege reportt report. 3 mapmmp 3 greenspriigliberry
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3& shhwan 3 maa 3395map p3 new evideece tonnght hat 33 ways....nnw t :30...wwat the mayoo ii saying aboot the
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the post oofice says ittneeds - and the story behind how this pighway... and the headacchs &pit caussd for motoristss 3 &&p 3 3 -3 3 tz----addlib weathee tz--
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the boy scouts postponedd palow ggys inno their ranks uuttl this summer. summmr. the executive board was expeeted to announce a decision today which wouud
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3 individual troops. nsteed, they deccdedto wait until summer and allow the larger pationallcouncil of fourteenn vote on lifting the an ii - their may meeting. the ban, but numerous religious & organizations whoosupport the scouus and provideefacilities for meetingg areeagainst any 3 at least one perssn is dead after acrash n florida....- floridd... a box 3 puaadrail... and is left dangling ovvr... ii-95... / wedgeddaaainst a conccete ppllar..../// officials... say the truck ddiver... was rescued... bbt the passenger was found dead....// the -3 incident... caused significant delays along he highway... which was backed up for moree &pthan two miles.../ causing chaos foo morning &&pmotorists...//. aater a couple hours -- commercial &pwreckers aad first -& responders... were able to - pull the truckkon to ramp. p3 the u-s posttoffice is cutting back ----again.facing massivv & debt and decliniig need forr serrice, the agency is proposing some big changes to mail elivery. but as
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jennifer davis reportssfrom washinggon - some critics -3 aague the post office doesnt this change - while thers custtmees who rrly on wwekend deliveries. deeiveries. 3 saturray maal delivvry is going the aa ff he pony express. theeuus postal service is announcing that n dollars a yyar, come auggst itt mail on weekddys. donnhoe & condition is urgent." packages will still be deliveeed on ssturdays - a area of growth within the agency. but the post - officeesays it has o address &pbillionss f losses as more people use email and it's required to pre-pay future & donahoe sayss "we've - lost way too much money, it's the corrrct bbsiiess deciiion,, -3 it's ressonnible, and it'ss common sense."" the congress, which mandates saatrday deliveryy but the 3 around that beeause the governmmnt's operating under a temporary budgettmeesure. the houue speekee says he &psiine congress hasnt ppssedd
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postal eform. boehner sayss "congress needs tt ct, -3&pno question - and i hopee ww'll act soon." the employees union says it'ss exploring is options o block 3 ddiastrouu idda" that will hurt smalll usinesses, rural - and lderly custtmers who rely on t. and some postall &psays: "with today's -3abouttlosinggjobs. hopefully, we can ccntinue o provide good service." & davis says: "the postal service says it ade this announnement more than six & months before it plans to cuutomerr time to plaa nd adjustt in washington, jennifer daviss fox news.""- 3 and that brings us to our mail deliiery? delivery?avon writes on our pacebook pagg..."only if iim waiiing for money. money. and erii writes nopee. less jnk mail that i'll ave -3 to ssrt through. 3a lot of response onnthis queetion...aad many poole aren't happy with the decision. 3 go... to... fox- &pbalttmore dot com .../ think.../. sound... p off....thru... -3 pacebook.../. send... us... a
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your nswer to yes.. / &pfoo45b for no. 3 3 iffyou likeesweet mixed driiks, you may want to order regular instead of diet soda - if you want tooavoiddgetting drunk too quickly. 3 but next... it's the moment & thatttook these canoers... by &pcomplete ssrrrrss.we'll show you whht emerges from the water below... and what it doessto the boat...- 3 3 --adblib weather
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on the water... turns into a prighteninn experience ooe grouppwill ever forggt.the
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friends were out paddling a -33 few hundred yardssoff the 3 ssddenly a humpback whaae pomes out of nowhere... and bumps into thhir canoe. 3 paddlers surprissd nnts"oh my god!" the canners ssy the whale did not appear to be injured as it swam it left those 3 3- react to story 3 - adlibbtoos to vytas -3
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3 could yoo use an extra hundrrd pollars??t'' all pprt of our "freebruary" contest oo fox45 morning news.we're rawing a during fox45 morninn enter go to facebook dottcomm slash fox baltimore and clickk watch fox45 mmrning news starring at 5 aam tt see if you're a winner. - a jewelry heist in frederick... caught on camera. why the ccime has pollce
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lloking at annthee robbbry in pentagon ity. and tthussnds of people.. facebookkthe three main --3 reasons they'rr giving ii upp. // and... theename researchers... have given... the movement. 3 i do interior decorating and styling for bars and restaurants. [ male announcer ] whenever a business switches from cable to verizon fios, there comes a moment when they get it -- the powerful difference 100% fiber optics really makes. i got it the first time i uploaded these massive design plans. it was kind of mind-blowing because it happened so fast. [ male announcer ] now do more business per second with the speed and reliability of verizon fios for business. get internet and phone for just $94.99 a month when you sign up online with a two-year price guarantee. plus, get a $200 verizon visa pre-paid card. verizon.
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3 iffyou like sweet mixed drinks, you may want tt order the next time you're at a bar - or party. paaty.when people mix diet instead of reguuar soda with their alcchol, they get oor 3& new tudy. researchers and had theeyoung adults drink pooka with reguuar soda at a -33 strength that was the &pequivalent of 4 mixed drinks..-3 ann passed.on another day tte studentt drank the same aaount of vodka but with ddet soda... this time they failld tte 3 37748"there's no ssgar ii the diettdriik so t goee through the stomachha lot fasttr. the - piet mixture kkidd fast
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the bloodstrram." blooostream."a few tips to 3 hoo much you driik??at food &peiiher bbfore or whhie you prink and alternatt non- alcoholic and aacohhlic drinks. 3 if you want 33 to ake 2013 your healthiess he b'more healthy expp is retuuning to the baltimmre ccnventton center.. get free screeenngs... get tipp on -3 nuuritiin and fitness... and -33 meet the fox45 newssstaff. it all happens on saturdaa february 23rd from -3 10am to 5pm. go ffr ore innormation. -3 3&p do yoouhave facebooo fatigue from spending too mmch - time on the social networking websitt? website? you.. haae keller... tells & us ...what a ot....oo faccbook users....are doinng.- poing. p3 sometimes in life... friends falllto the waysidee.. and it also happpns in theeddgital wwrld. -3 a new study shows
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laagest sociallnetworr in tte worlddmagid says: it looks -3 like to meethat facebook may have reached a peak in the pnited states... oo globally... in the united states. a new study by the pw research center's inttrnet and american 3 61-percent of current faceeook -3&pvoluntaaily taken a breakkfromm & sing the social network for several eeks or mmre. & reassns whyy varrid... the biggest roup... 21--eecent... said thee ere too busy... 10-percent said t -3 was a waste of time... aan 4- percent stopped over prrvacy says: iidid take a break from it and i'm back n it. -3because it seemed overwhelming and i had too o a unch of things and i ad to keee on top of everybody and i goo jjst a little overwhelmed. cardenas says: it just seemed a littleeannoying... --3 rrposts....and annoying tech anallsts saa facebook -3 is so universally usedd.. most -new social networks tryyto 33than compete against it. and the people actually quuttinngfacebook are a small pprcentage since going
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pesewhere eans leavinn behind pour friends. magid says: it's - quitting beeause if all your friends aae oo facebook how are you going o get your priends n the ew site. ooadia sayss:i don't even 3&other networrs, googll plus or something like that. i have my history there wwy i would i, yoo know. 3 facebook... ssys... it... has... mmre ttan ... one--billion users worldwide... / and... is átheá... most -3 downloaded... mobile app in the u-s. -3 3 3 shortly after coach johh & hhrbaugh aad ravensswon thh -3 superrbowl... tte coacc received nother onoo.fiid out & who was on tte phone forr im. 3 3 the city of baltimore is desperately ssarching foo - revenue tonight..... 3 tonight.....
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